Welcome to Cannonfodder's Half-Life 2 Site.


 I have the following tools available here.


MDLDecompiler - A program for decompiling Half-Life 2 and CS:Source models


3DSMAX SMD Exporters and Importers - Create SMD files from 3dsmax. Use studiomdl to compile these to create models for Half-life 2


DispGen - A tool for creating Half-life2 Displacement terrains from height maps


WinBSPzip - A GUI version of BSPZIP use to add custom content to a BSP file. Also allows adding an entire directory of files just by selecting the directory


StudioCompiler - A GUI interface to studiomdl and vtex. It will allow you to build a model without worrying about all the various QC commands and will keep track   of both the materials and models directory to make sure everything is compiled in the right place.




9/1/2012 My first PC game is available on indiecity. Please try it out and help support these tools. Demon House on IndieCity


4/19/2011 Added Max 2012 support for smd importer and exporter


2/14/2011 Small updates to the 3dsmax smd exporter. The exporter now allows you to specify animation ranges when exporting. It also includes a maxscript interface so you can call the export directly when running maxscript.


2/2/2011 Another blast from the past is here! I have updated studiocompiler so that it no longer depends on Steam. You can run it anywhere. I had to redo most of the math routines to break it away from the iron grip of the HL2 sdk, so there might be a few errors here and there (or maybe  lots of errors).  Check out the studiocompiler download page.


 If you appreciate these tools, please consider trying my Xbox 360 Indie Game - Mutant Zombie Onslaught. Follow the link to the xbox marketplace.


1/12/2011 After years of not doing anything HL2 related I'm back. I have updated the MAX SMD importers and exporters to be compatible with max9 and max2010. They may also work with other versions. Check out the max download page.


7/8 Yet another update to StudioCompiler. Fixed a few minor bugs and added a bunch more options to QC generation. With StudioCompiler you can now create multiple animations, LOD's, GIB's and more without ever touching a QC file.

7/1  Major Update to StudioCompiler. Now integrates a model decompiler  and texture exporter. Also lots of updates to the model and texture compilers

6/18  Studiocompiler released. This is a GUI version of vtex and studiomdl.

6/15   Minor updates to the 3dsmax importer and exporter. The exporter now supports export selected... and I have made a few more changes to the importer to correct animation imports. Also the bitmap dialog now shows the desired file even in max7.

4/22    New fixes to the 3ds max SMD importer. Fixed adding zero's to the name and added support for spaces in the bone name. Also improved the animation loading.

4/18    Updated MDLdecompiler. Now supports flex outputs and can decompile the reference model from Vampire the Masquerade:Bloodlines MDL'

3/14     Released updated version of the 3dsmax SMD exporter. This one fixes an issue where assigning a texture to the model instead of the faces of the model would cause the texture to be ignored during export.

3/04    Released DISPGEN, a new program for creating displacement terrains from height maps.


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